Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the recipes?

I develop, test, and photograph all recipes myself. Each recipe is checked with an anti plagiarism site called Copyscape, so you can be confident that you are purchasing original content. All recipe descriptions and instructions are written in my own words, but you may find similarities in ingredient lists with other recipes, which is a common occurrence and industry standard. For info on copyright law click here.

Do you work one on one with bloggers, and what else do you offer? 

Yes! I can help you with recipe testing if something isn’t working well for your readers, developing an exclusive recipe you have in mind, branded content and sponsored posts, and giving your current recipes some new glamour shots (recreations). I have a limited amount of slots each month, please email me so we can get you taken care of!

Do you work with restaurants and brands?

Yes and yes! Please email me so we can chat about your needs.

What about SEO?

I develop desirable recipes in highly searched categories with SEO in mind. I provide keyword suggestions, and an up-to-date average monthly search volume range for these keywords, but I encourage you to obtain specific search volume using your own trusted SEO tools. I also provide a list of the top recipes related to the one you are purchasing to help you develop your blog post.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the digital nature of the product you are purchasing, I do not offer refunds. I stand by my photos and recipes, so if there is a problem with your purchase upon download, please email me right away so I can make it right!

Does the purchaser receive full copyrights? 

When you purchase a recipe from me you will receive a usage rights license that protects you. This document gives you the right to use the images for your blog/website, cook books, and social media. The photographer may use the photos for business promotion, such as portfolio and social media. 

Images may not be used by the purchaser for direct financial gain, such as selling the images to a stock photo website, selling images to other bloggers, or entering them in a photo contest. You would be required to have full copyright to do this.

If you ever sell your entire blog, the usage license will transfer to the new owner of the blog. Easy peasy!

It is industry standard for the photographer to retain copyright. Copyright may be granted in some cases (such as developing exclusives for you, or recreations).

If interested in purchasing the copyright of images, please contact me